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We don't know everything about each situation. This was an excellent debut novel! I was not previously familiar with this author, and I only came across this novel by chance, but I would surelike to read more of his work. The story is of Heschel Not Me : A Novel. Michael Lavigne. Not Me is a remarkable debut novel that tells the dramatic and surprising stories of two men—father and son—through sixty years of uncertain memory, distorted history, and assumed identity.

Sometimes validation becomes inspiration. Thank you for everything you offer!

“Work according to Program and not according to mood. Stop at the appointed time!” — Henry Miller

The moment I picked up Harry Potter was the end of my normalness Around 3rd grade or so. I have been writing on and off for about four years now I started with online roleplaying at twelve , but never with my own original plot. I could never create an idea that sounded magical enough to write as I do love fantasy the best.

Randy Writes a Novel

Two characters of mine are finally going to get a novel! I hope others will enjoy my book once it is finished. Being a nerd is defiantly badass and it makes me feel amazing! I so needed to stumble upon this blog post. Thank you!!! I cant. Its brutal. I feel bad before writing, but worse, if I dont write. Its awesome to be exhausted because of the writing… spent my last vacations editing.

It's Not Me, It's You

I switched a month ago to 60 minutes a day after I get up every morning… Its great. Its like a 10 mile run every morning, for your mind and your body. I like the word. I feel like a soldier on a neverending war with my laziness. Great pep-talk! This article is mind-boggling one!!

It's Not Me, It's You by Stephanie Kate Strohm

Its really really hard to start writing and its even more harder to get it going. The sleepless nights are painful. When your goal is to be able to work online and earn a decent income, do not be afraid to make sacrifices to be able to work to wards and achieve this goal. If required go for a lesser salary job and do not worry about it. Just keep working towards your goal until you succeed. Your info about writing query letters was priceless.

I am going to get your book on my Nook anyway. This piece is proving to be a good lesson in dealing with rejection. My first two comments disappeared and were never posted. I can handle rejection, but you might at least provide one of those generic refusals. Michael, maybe they just took a long time to show up. I just found both of your previous posts below. Writing a book is a huge accomplishment! Having the book published is also a big milestone — whether it is traditional published or self published.

Kudos to anyone to make it that far. Writing is fun, but also hard work. Those who stick with it should be proud of themselves! The whole process was grueling. Writing the book was easy, but revisions hurt. Then came the query stage — that really hurt. Who knew?

Next phase is promoting and that takes work! It is amazing that a writer can put down words, reshape them until they shine, and then find people to love the words as much as the writer. So, yes, no matter what stage you find yourself in, you, as a writer, are something special. Keep up the good work guys.

Thank you for this awesome and inspiring article, which I will be printing and posting next to my computer as a daily reminder! Right before reading this I was bordering on dispair, feeling in limbo and wondering if I should go on, with the writing, of course. Your article really gave me the boost I so needed. Thank you. I have to agree, except for the inquiries and publishing.

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Self publishing is helping to put the decision of what is a good book in the hands of the readers. To be fair, I would add that marketing your book yourself makes you a bad ass. It is hard and takes time away from your next book, but it is gratifying as well. I loved this article. I struggle with my writing after I have written a piece. Sometimes I just want to chuck it. But now I realize that I am a Badass this is what I was born to do! Totally inspiring! By day I am the founder and CEO of a volunteer organization for individuals who have brothers and sisters with disabilities.

By night I am writer extraordinaire.

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  • Funny, real, and totally inspiring post. That is so motivating,am writing my fiction book and actully polishing it. Now that i have one am typing it as i do the polishing. You have given me a life long coaching. But after reading your assessment, I agree. Bad-assed indeed! You won! Can you drop me a note at brian. I laughed outt loud at the notion of this plump, bespectacled, almost grandmom being a badass, but after reading all seven points, I realized that, yes!

    I too am a badass! I self-published one book and finished more or less! Wait until I tell my kids! Seriously, Brian, thanks for the encouragement!


    I loved your article. Writers have to be some of the toughest folks alive, next to jockeys and Public Safety Telecommunicators. Thanks for the article.

    Not Me: A Novel Not Me: A Novel
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    Not Me: A Novel

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