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The Science and Art of 3D Printing

It provides very low-cost fabrication of low-performance devices. Printed electronics is beginning to be combined with 3D printing, allowing for the printing of layered circuitry or devices. A natural outgrowth of this potent combo is that someday you may be able to print out gadgets from 3D plans rather than buying them.

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Food preparation is another way 3D printers can be used. A small number of restaurants are testing food-printer prototypes.


A handful of food 3D printers have become commercially available. They tend to focus on particular food items, like chocolate, or pancakes, or cookies. You don't have to own a 3D printer to benefit from one. Many 3D printing services, such as Shapeways and Sculpteo, print gifts and other small items on order on their own 3D printers, then ship them to the customer. Customers can either submit their own 3D object files or choose items, most of them designed by other users of the service, from an online catalog.

But 3D printing services are no longer solely the domain of specialists.

Large companies such as Staples and UPS have introduced 3D printing services, and some traditional print shops have added 3D printing to their repertoire. Most 3D printer manufacturers sell their products directly online. Many e-tailers now stock them, including online-only companies such as Amazon. Some of the latter, such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Staples, offer them in stores as well as online, but be sure to check for store availability on their websites as not all outlets carry them.

Several 3D printer stores have opened in major cities. A few online retailers specialize in 3D printers, such as Dynamism, which sells a range of 3D printers from different brands and also provides customer support. Nearly all 3D printers accept files in what's called STL format named for stereolithography. For those not inclined to make their own 3D files, 3D object databases such as MakerBot's Thingiverse offer numerous 3D object files that can be downloaded and printed out.

Most 3D printers come with a software suite, either supplied on disk or available for download, which includes everything you need to get printing. The suites typically provide a program for controlling the printer and a slicer, which, in preparation for printing, formats the object file into layers based on the selected resolution and other factors. Some suites include a program to "heal" the object file by correcting problems that could interfere with smooth printing. The programs came out of the RepRap open-source movement, out of which hobbyist 3D printing developed.

With some printers, you can choose the individual component programs to download rather than going with whatever is provided in the suite. A variety of 3D printers for homes and small businesses is readily available—PCMag has reviewed quite a number of them—but they are still often viewed as exotic, and rather pricey, contraptions. Expect that to change within the next few years, when 3D printers will become more commonplace in houses—to be found on workbenches, in studios, home offices, and even in the kitchen. You may not find them in every household, but they'll become indispensable to those people who do have them.

For the most part, items made with 3D printers have had homogenous interiors, but we'll start to see more complex creations combining multiple materials and composites, as well as printable electronics. With today's 3D printers, if you lose your TV remote's battery cover you can print a replacement cover. With tomorrow's, if you lose your remote, you'll be able to print a new remote. Also, 3D printing is gaining a foothold in outer space. Eventually, 3D printers could be used to create habitats on Mars and other worlds. To save the Apollo 13 astronauts from dying of carbon monoxide asphyxiation, NASA had to in effect find a way to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Had there been a 3D printer on board, they may have been able to easily solve the problem by designing and printing a connector. Astronauts can't take a swing by Home Depot if they need to replace a valve or widget, but a 3D printer could fabricate one as needed.

Likewise, we'll see 3D printers in Antarctic bases and other remote Earthly locations, where folks can't wait six months for the next resupply to replace essential parts or tools. Medical applications of 3D printing don't stop with prosthetics, hearing aids, and dental crowns. Replacement parts needn't be restricted to the mechanical. The past few years, we have seen an explosion in the variety and uses of 3D printers. It's similar to where personal computing was circa View on Amazon Why we like it: It has a construction from quality materials, and it is easy to assemble once you follow the instructions.

It is a top-performing brand for the money. You will still need to assemble the parts and download the necessary software. Design Features This model is valuable considering it can print in different filaments. This is because of the heated print bed that consists of a Borosilicate glass.

It is highly durable, and you will notice that your prints stick better and are also easier to remove.

Applications of 3D printing

The frame of this printer is a combination of plastic injection molded parts and high-quality acrylic. It will last in good condition for a long time so you can be sure it will be there to print personalized designs and those that you pick from favorite designers on the web.

Software and Operation This printer uses open source firmware. You get to pick from any of the remarkable programs that will showcase your creativity. Also, it does not need a computer connection since you can just pop in the SD card and instruct it to print your desired model from the LCD screen.

RepRap Guru is compatible with all operating systems. It can be used with Linux, Macs, and Windows the same. We are pleased with the print quality that even though they cannot match up to the best, they are much better than others from printers in its class. Verdict If you like building something from the ground up in a mess-free style, RepRap Guru is what you will want to consider. It will work like a charm for simplified designs, and they will look good as it supports high resolution.

What better way to indulge your imagination than by creating exciting stuff? View on Amazon Why we like it: This printer is aimed at complete beginners. From the modest build to the easy assembly, it is an excellent pick for anyone looking to wet their feet in 3D printing. Design Features It is always tricky to set up a 3D printer, but the idea is to get yourself familiarized with the features because of the troubleshooting process.

It is the same case with the FlashForge Creator Pro. It will set up in a few steps, and the instructions are also clear on what you should do. It even includes a smart leveling system to make the process more straightforward. Calibration is also effortless as the messages appear on the touchscreen. And it comes with a spool of blue PLA filament to get you started right away. Since it uses a non-heated bed, it means you are limited to using PLA material. Performance This printer performs well with most objects that are of average size. You can expect smooth designs with delicate items that need a touch of fineness.

With tall objects, the printer does not perform a perfect job. But it should not limit you because its prints meet the quality of the average price.

Practical 3D Printers: The Science and Art of 3D Printing by Brian Evans - PDF Drive

Verdict FlashForge presents a machine that has a solid build. Although not made of metal, it is robust to last years in good condition. Its simplified design and non-heated bed makes it fall right into the entry-level category. We hope you will love all its thoughtful features. View on Amazon Why we like it: This is a plug-and-play machine with a large build volume to accommodate bigger designs. It is tailored with simple attributes that are easy to use more so for novice users. Design Features Think of creating something that is fun from the comfort of your home and picture using this printer.

Seeing that it is an enclosed frame, you will see better prints when using ABS material. Being enclosed, your hands are protected from the heated bed. This printer will take up more room than we have seen with most cheap 3D printers. It comes with the advantage of printing bigger objects which opens up opportunities for being more imaginative. It can print a product that is up to 7. Printing with the Da Vinci 1. It includes adjustable layer resolution from microns. It sticks to thin layers that can create incredibly thin designs from 0.

Verdict We would recommend the Da Vinci 1. It welcomes printing with different materials which helps to diversify the kind of designs you can create. Even a 9-year old can operate and have some designing fun with the Da Vinci 1. It needs following a few instructions without any soldering or measuring. It will withstand high temperatures for long periods of time.

Step 2: Toothpaste Squeezer

This way it will be super easy to complete big projects without ruining the bed frame. We like that it has one of the largest builds that can accommodate both wide and tall designs. The quality of the print bed is outstanding since it is of aluminum alloy which is industrial grade. It also has a tempered glass that allows printing with different materials including wood and ABS.

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  6. You can indulge your creative mind using the most comfortable platform and use any operating system. It is backlit making it easy to read. The LCD is incorporated in the control box which houses the motherboard and the power supply. It is a neat setup that makes it safe to operate. Verdict If you are looking for a DIY 3D printer that is not a lot of hassle to put together, then you will want to consider this model. It supports large prints to make easy work on big projects. We just like how it makes 3D printing so easy.

    View on Amazon Why we like it: This is a mid-priced 3D printer that will not be too much trouble setting up and using. The Creator Pro is a much better version of the initial creator thanks to its additional features. A Look into the Design First, it is open source which means you can use it with a variety of programs.

    You are not restricted to FlashForge so you can go all out and create experimental designs from the brand of your choice. With a metallic frame, this printer can withstand high temperatures and resist warping at the same time. The enclosed structure is a thoughtful feature when it comes to printing from ABS materials. This is because it will insulate them and provide proper sticking. You will like that it has a dual extruder so that you can print two-color products.


    The extruders can reach very high temperatures meaning you also get to use them with a variety of materials. Unique Features An all-new bed design graces this printer. It provides stable vertical movement, but it will still require manual leveling. Although it uses FlashForge proprietary software, we feel it would be better with software like Simply3D or Slic3r. Most users have attested to having better print quality with Simplify 3D because of the many customizable settings.

    Overall If you are looking to enter the 3D printing world and have nowhere to start, then FlashForge is the way to go. It comes pre-assembled and has lots of personalization features that support present and future 3D printing possibilities. View on Amazon Why we like it: This printer is exceptionally stable under high temperatures. It will take even the most novice tinkerer to fall in love with the features for a very subtle price.

    It has a straightforward method of assembling that make it effortless to familiarize yourself with.

    In the future, you can make all the changes you need without fuss. Design Features As you can see, this model is intricately similar from the exterior outlook with our best overall; the FlashForge Creator Pro. But it offers proprietary software that makes slicing and the modeling process much easier to grasp. You'll discover how easy it is to find and design 3D models using web-based 3D modeling, and even how to create a 3D model from a 2D image. Finally, you'll find even more bonus projects to build, including wind-up walkers, faceted vases for the home, and a handful of useful upgrades to modify and improve your 3D printer.

    JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview. Whether you are just getting started with personal 3D printing or already have a little experience, Practical 3D Printers explains everything you need to know to calibrate and customize your printer, and find, design, and create amazing objects from digital 3D models. Buy eBook.

    Practical 3D Printers Practical 3D Printers
    Practical 3D Printers Practical 3D Printers
    Practical 3D Printers Practical 3D Printers
    Practical 3D Printers Practical 3D Printers
    Practical 3D Printers Practical 3D Printers
    Practical 3D Printers Practical 3D Printers
    Practical 3D Printers Practical 3D Printers
    Practical 3D Printers Practical 3D Printers

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