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At first, that was hard to get used to, but eventually it seemed to work. Additionally, the narration switches back and forth between Tasha and Kai. The reader gets the same scenes in both perspectives. I liked that a lot, but I know some will not. Finally, there is some slang dropped in, but my e-reader dictionary explained most of it well enough. It's worth a note, that there is some sexuality, but none of it is expressed explicitly. All in all, this was a sweet coming of age story for the two main characters.

It's about first love, learning to communicate, and letting go of preconceived notions of people. I would recommend it for mid to late teens and anyone else who looking for a sweet love story. Aug 05, MB rated it really liked it. I received this from the author in an exchange for a review, and I would like to thank Ms. Francis for that. That being said, I didn't really know what to expect from this book.

As it turns out, it's a wonderful story about a girl and boy who are growing up: Tasha and Kai. Tasha is a girl who just moved to London from Trinidad, where she lived with her mother. While in London, she has to deal with her father's new wife, who doesn't really want her there. Tasha also has to deal with life in Aintre I received this from the author in an exchange for a review, and I would like to thank Ms.

Tasha also has to deal with life in Aintree, the gated community her father lives in. Kai is a boy who has lived in that gated community for several years with his father and sister. He has his own struggles to live with, including a mother who moved to Australia and his own guilt over a photo competition. This is the story of the two growing up and growing together, even though they do have their rough patches. The characterization is very good. Though not much happens, I was drawn to keep reading in such a manner as to finish the book in a little over a day.

The Porcupine

If action-packed books are your thing, this may not be for you, but you should still give it a read anyway. It's worth the time. Jun 21, Heidi Garrett rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult-contemporary. This is a lovely story about two teenagers finding their places in the world. Natasha Tasha Wood moves from Trinidad, leaving her mother behind, to live with her father and his wife in Aintree, a planned community outside of London.

I think that geography is right. The author uses this setting to show many different issues that teenagers face as they grow up and learn to make their own decisions. The two main characters Tasha and Kai are quite likable, Tasha being my favorite. This is a thou This is a lovely story about two teenagers finding their places in the world. This is a thoughtful and intelligent young adult romance that builds very nicely through to the end.

I found it quite refreshing. The brilliance in the story is in the way that the title, and the quotes that preface Parts One and Two, pull the story together. Dec 04, Brenda Perlin rated it it was amazing. I loved Butterfly Porcupine from the first page to the last. I fell in love with Tasha and Kai, the main characters in the book. Even though I am older, I still enjoyed this YA coming of age story. It was full of hope and positive messages.

I could even relate to some of the topics that arose in the story. This book really touched me because I love stories with heart and this one was most defini I loved Butterfly Porcupine from the first page to the last. This book really touched me because I love stories with heart and this one was most definitely filled with it. There was just something so pure and fresh about how this story was told. I got completely engrossed in this novel and found myself thinking about it throughout the day. That is when I know something is really good.

It stays with me long after I have put the book down. Aug 07, Shamz rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-favorites. I have to say that I was really surprised going into this book, at first it was slow but when it picked up it really picked up Kai and Tasha were just so adorable I started this book right before going to bed and couldn't put it down until I was done. It pulled a lot of emotion out of me. I cried, laughed, and of course wanted to punch someone because I was mad. It was beautifully written. I now understand the title. It fits perfectly! The way the butterfly and porcupine were described brought on a new meaning of these two animals to me.

I would recommend this to any of my friends. It was sweet, emotional and beautiful. Oct 14, Christina Smith rated it liked it. This book was a sweet tale about a boy perusing a girl against all odds. The title is very unique and liked how the author tied it into the story. It was enjoyable but not overly exciting. At times I found that it dragged a bit and was able to put it down for quite some time. When I picked it back up, it was a little more interesting. Oct 29, Cassie marked it as to-read.

Butterfly Porcupine

I loved reading this Novel. I was not able to put it down, therefore read it in 1 day. I loved this book. I look to read the rest of this series. Oct 20, ponderinghope added it.


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This book is sooooooo good,i spent all night reading it. Omg it was so good and i like how the author put herself in the main character's place. Jan 30, S. Bray rated it really liked it.

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I love this book. The storyline is fantastic and I love the way that the charcters are presented. Oct 13, DeAnna Kinney rated it really liked it. This book was very enjoyable. It was well written and the characters were well developed. I like the switched POV'S and the love story was sweet and believable.

Good job Susan Francis! As always, a special thank you to the mods and author for allowing me to participate. The Review: This story was broken up into two parts. It started out slow and in my opinion, unfocused but by the second half, it became interesting enough to hold me through the pages and I soon started to enjoy it, once it picked up pace. I loved the setting and the fact it takes place in London. The idea of a communal neighborhood was unique to me. However the conflict was just too superficial for there to be any real drama.

I hate giving negative reviews especially when I see so much potential in a book. This book was no exception. I really thought the story was agreeable and had a nice YA romance. My problem with the book was the writing style. It was told in a cliff notes type writing style. I kept getting lost in what was supposed to be happening with what had already happened.

Also, it ended abruptly. Oct 20, Laura rated it liked it. English: I find writing this review a bit tricky since I have mixed feelings about the book. Overall I preferred the second part of the book than the first. The first part of the book was very tedious; it spoke of many characters that were not important at the end and I felt very impersonal the way that the dialogues were not said, just told.

I also believe that many of the friends in Aintree were not very structured and up to some point spare. The second part of the book I really enjoyed, I felt t English: I find writing this review a bit tricky since I have mixed feelings about the book. The second part of the book I really enjoyed, I felt that at that point it was when the main characters began to take shape and you could actually identify with them. I also liked that the characters went through everyday things teenagers that normal teenagers go through.

I recommend it for a quick read, it is basic and real, without the exaggerated romanticism that we can find in most books of this genre. Overall rating: 6. En general me gusto mas la segunda parte que la primera. Oct 15, Jan Bethel rated it liked it Shelves: goodreads-recommended , realistic-reads , contemporary , first-reads.

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Thank you, Susan Francis, for sharing this book with me. So writing a review is a little bit complicated for me. I'm not into the I hate it side. But I'm not in the I love it side either. So, yeah.

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  8. So I'm gonna start with the things that made me not so like it. This book has a lot of characters. It introduces a lot of characters that I'm not sure who are important and not important anymore. Kind of spoke of characters which doesn't have any weight b Thank you, Susan Francis, for sharing this book with me. Kind of spoke of characters which doesn't have any weight but just added some confusion to the story. The plot is also quite typical and doesn't give you the high note feeling although it is quite interesting. I think it just lacked that BOOM feeling to it.

    The book is also TOO narrative that sometimes the pacing becomes draggy. There are also times where some scenes need elaboration. And there are also times when some scenes don't need to be that elaborated. I guess I was just looking for that thing which could give me the excited feeling which never came. But on the other hand, here are the things that made me smile. First, the title. It was catchy. And every book needs a really catchy title to sell.

    Then the characters. They pass! I mean, they aren't perfect which made them feel real. They have flaws which made readers connect to them. And they are opposites. I love reading about opposite people falling in love. Another good thing is that this book is an easy read. Light and short and fun. I think every book needs that factor.

    So overall, I think this is not such a bad read. Aug 04, Shari rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , reviewed , ya-reading-challenge , ya-contemporary-challenge , ebook-challenge The first half was a bit hard to get through. There was a lot of information dumping and I had a hard time connecting to Tasha. I realize that everyone had a hard time connecting to her and that she is one of those people who are hard to get to know. So I guess as that kind of character she was written pretty well.

    However, I just found her to be judgmental and annoying much of the time. I enjoyed reading about 2. I enjoyed reading about Kai and his group of friends much more. Luckily this book is written in alternating points of view so every other chapter was about Kai. Like I mentioned the second half of Butterfly Porcupine was much better and I found myself enjoying it at that point. Also a pet peeve of mine is when an author writes a book and doesn't or rarely uses contractions. That is very distracting for me. I think with a bit more editing this book could have been a bit better.

    OK, I'm done complaining now. The overall story was pretty good. It follows a pretty classic romance formula and I enjoy those. I wish I could have given this book a higher rating, but I guess you can't love them all. With all of this being said I may read the next book if it is about some of the other characters that were in this book. Mostly because as I said the second half of this book got much better. I have high hopes that Francis' writing will just get better and better. Sep 01, Heather rated it liked it.

    I would call this 3. A couple of days after reading it, I am still a little unsure as to exactly how I feel about the style of this book. The story is a typical one: boy falls for new girl in town, boy and girl break up, Spoiler alert boy and girl get back together. The main difference is that it takes place in England and the girl has just moved there from the Caribbean. Both come from broken homes and so have issues resulting from that, especially Tasha. The boy, Kai, is misunderstoo I would call this 3.

    The boy, Kai, is misunderstood by many as he is thought to be a "player". They are both drawn to each other almost immediately. My main issue with this is that the style of the writing is almost diary-like. By this I mean that the writing is somewhat simplistic, which is not necessarily a bad thing. A good example of this is that there were some chapters that ended and I was left wondering if I was missing pages. I was also left wondering about Tasha's mother who was still back in the Caribbean as well as her relationship with her stepmother.

    There is definite resolutin with Kai's family, but not with Tasha's. I read the epilogue several times, trying to determine if it took place before the actual end of the book. Overall, I did enjoy the book, but I was left puzzled by the writing style. Readers also enjoyed.

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    Young Adult. About Susan Francis. Susan Francis. Like many, for me writing came out of a love of reading. I also wanted a way to be creative and, since I have always been more comfortable expressing myself through the written word, it seemed like the best way forward for me. I started my first novel, Butterfly porcupine, in and what I discovered was a sheer love of the writing process and the joy that comes from actually completing a novel.

    Butterfly porcupine was published in and is the first of a coming-of-age contemporary series called Tales from Aintree Court. A second revised edition was published in July along with an electronic version. My second novel, 'Two versions of the same song', the second Aintree tale, was published in December and I am currently writing the third in the series. The stories are pitched at the level for readers in their mid-to-late teens but may be enjoyed by adults who enjoy reading contemporary YA fiction also.

    Other books in the series. Tales from Aintree Court 2 books. Books by Susan Francis. Trivia About Butterfly Porcupi No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Butterfly Porcupine. After all, bristles aside, the porcupine is a harmless creature. Welcome back. Since becoming a writer what is the most exciting thing to happen to you? I would say the positive feedback I have received.

    My mother was the first person to read it and she loved it but she is my mother. A friend read it for me after that and was also very positive. The reviews have been mostly positive so far, also. Of course, I welcome all reviews and I have taken on board the criticisms — the most common being that it is formulaic. Which came first, the title or the novel? The novel came first. What are you currently reading? I am currently reading Original Love, by JJ Murray, which is a story about childhood sweethearts who were separated in their late teens and find each other again 20 years later.

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    Butterfly Porcupine By Susan Francis. Paperback, Pages. At the end of the school term Kai's summer was all planned out: Party, date the hottest girl around, play football, play basketball and pursue his hobby, taking pictures with his camera. He lands a job working for a professional photographer, and gets to spend the last weekend of summer at the Reading Music Festival.

    Life is good for Kai.

    Butterfly Porcupine Butterfly Porcupine
    Butterfly Porcupine Butterfly Porcupine
    Butterfly Porcupine Butterfly Porcupine
    Butterfly Porcupine Butterfly Porcupine
    Butterfly Porcupine Butterfly Porcupine
    Butterfly Porcupine Butterfly Porcupine
    Butterfly Porcupine Butterfly Porcupine

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